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Words are my excuse to puke
Purge my emotions
Let them boil over
Juices are never flowing
Scrolling through the hoopla
Muse will mystify the antichrist
Patronize the solace that lies
Sacraments between my thighs
Shedding skins of denial
And you want a prudent soul
Cultivated take a grasp hold
Scolded in burning waters
Supplicate the mortars
All seem fallible
Can't reconcile my denial
I have fallen angels wings are blackened
Become deafened to gods call
Outcasts wayward soldier
Mutilated is my castle
Cut were my locks
My beauty is foiled
By the sound of clocks
That tick with wonder
Never able to muster courage
Pain shrivels up my insides
My brain lacks fortitude
Proven to be a scoundrel
So I emulate what you want me to be
Fools paradise retrieve me
Leave me liquefied
As the rules have changed
A climax in exchange
Dancing deranged never celebrated
Hated by those who are different
But I cant portray a dream
Medley that's been mutated
Follow me and be lost
Amongst the stars and the world
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You always keep me twisted like a new York pretzel with the mustard
No wonder your the swelling amongst bruises
But I'm the one who pops lame shit right
Lets get clarity on this fatal reality no turning back
You made you're choices we have heard you're many voices
And of course I was the one to come in dead fucking last
So put me on blast and say your sick of my stupid fat ass
How quick you were to side with bitches who mean nothing
And what did I get huh? what did I get hon? where am i at
In the doghouse let me bark and spark a conversation
Talking bout how I hold back is that what you think
telling people there garbage in so many words
if they can recycle their poetry don't you think that means something
you got clueless people for minions scripted through funnels
poetry by numbers lets connect the dots with your favorite colors
Shit is even waterlogged because even retards are a bit smarter
But don't you barely even have a high school diploma
A GED bipolar somethings are still on ro
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Mis Under Stood
there are wounds so deep i don't think anyone could reach them
so when i proceed with caution my heart is on a cold slab
on a selling block auction available to the highest bidder
see i have never been a quitter a liar i have tried to
preserve what seems precious there is nothing
that i won't do you see my loyalty runs deeper
than still waters and midriff dresses flowing on a breeze
i am the crimson in the sunset you see
flickering my light upon a whisper
the softness of linen as it touches you
warmth of a stream of light through the stain glass
my pain is concentrated and protects me like linus and his blanket
i am wooed at the dark perceptions that love cascades
playing games with emotions i would rather not engage
like spades you renegotiate at knowing you're played
but i'd rather not be misunderstood love
never found out because i can wage sins
distance myself and withdrawal from here
only momentary lapses of friction
from the blade that slices thru my wrist
bleeding out until all
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Insight In Third Person
there are words spit from indiginant perceptions
game played then fallen apart
never mattered for everything is destroyed
we always find replacements
gaping holes that can never be filled
no matter how much pussy you cram in them
lips squirming against insightful erections
this can never be questioned
since obsessions and conceptions
go hand and hand
we escape a pill at a time a drink at a time
things they rhyme and make you go blind
so we can use other things
bigger dreams that can make erotic screams
since some are kings to the pussy game without exclaiming names
the agony is still the same and anything will take it away
there is no way out the door is bound self made hell
being imprisoned in a mind which declines resignation
self hate and loathing memories that are eroding
blaming everything done anyway
needed your approval without delay
so things we accept which came and left
ones whose dead the depth of ones soul
there is no control until life on lifes terms roll
thru the storm th
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Emotions 101
i thought about the ultimate jealousy and how it affects me
somethings i keep quiet try to rely on numbing agents
plagiarism of fake sensations never could get away with it
killing myself a moment at a time denying a deeper succession
if i can just escape past the door left open already know whats there
no love lost emotions tossed in an ocean of sinking souls
collections of trinkets sexual favors i'd like to leave die
the littlest deaths happen when my heart flickers and butterflies whisper
against my now barren womb a tomb of sin spiraling downward
drizzling elixirs of chocolate syrup misguided resignations
giving clearance to the penance that i am now asking for
is it wrong for me to be afraid of what i have longed so long for
i am your missing rib giving you fulfillment expecting nothing returned
so if i feel out of place when others grope clearly
don't mind where its coming from hoping one day
it could be what its meant to be but i guess until then
i have to wade through puddles r
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i get lost in its quieting darkness deafening sounds of screams
seeing knife wounds and bullet holes puss oozing
there is a suffocation a perverted aging watching a transformation
want to embrace in the midst of a wanderlust safety erodes
concepts sometimes uncertain and i can't grasp my footing
i am sinking deeper and don't mind if its suggestive
sometimes i want to know the answers to my questions
without being analytical political whispering things delusional
somethings are still familiar but i like being objective
dark eyes hide behind sullen sighs some still despise
wondering how far things can be claimed
thunder becomes apparent in the distance
can't hide the cards when they turn up aces
even if your uncertain of there placement
can you play ya cards right
even if the delight is morbid
foresight employs critical
even if it seems fictional
because its minscual
eclipses find themselves binded
trying not to get eliptical
but turmoil lives in this place
and there are days my strength
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can't expect everything to always be the way i want it
the tide is high and i move out with the current
clinging to my lifeboat drowning in my thoughts
forced entry to proven taunts at least i knew the cost
and paid it gladly ever boisterous moist and scorned
fighting long for a place that seemed lost
had imaginary friends to play pretend with
at least i didn't get called out last i remember that part
since nobody wanted me playing on there team
losers like me make great lovers in movie scenes
broken halos and tainted wings blackened dreams
vanity aimed to gained entry delusions that fancy
better times that coincided with grinds that rolled on bye
can't seem to grasp the concept too much is liquified
as optical illusions dispute who the winner was
a sea of loneliness that i would sail away from
upon the ocean waves drag and flourish
hope seems out of focus but pride is on trial
so go ahead and laugh crack a smile
connect the dots lines and curves desperation wails its siran song
i wond
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Nu Drug
hes got me twisted my expectations are high
as vigerous erections ready to penetrate
his expression makes me need therapy sessions
padded cells and thorizine to curb inhibitions
and indeed i try not to pry where i am not wanted
but i am out of course under his sedation
this new drug with no love to get trapped from
i do wonder why waters flood
panties moisten hearts flutter
disturbing summers with warm oozing storms
lightning plummits in the middle of nowhere
and dreams crumble
with emotions move like summits
i can't help but to bite my tongue
lust seems the perfect escape
no estimations made with captivation
intimacies are desitined to hit bottom
with those trust issues
endless abandonment
we eventually let our guard down
and i like this more than being lost in
a moment of solice a moment of confusion
as puss oozes from wounds
it feels good for some reason
and in this fairytale the darkness ceases
don't mind truth being revealed
its like being close to the flame
of ecstasy without ski
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Lights On
I still sleep with the lights on
the nightmares haunt my subconscious
I remember vividly and accounted for everything
Doesn't seem such a valid point of entry
Childhood at this point seems as scarce as terrorists
Hidden agendas act so frivolous
I remember how he touched me made me bothered
soiled and coddled my very reality
anomalistically i am taunted and he comes after me
still so vividly in my dreams as years past like waters
watercolors overflow from victimless brushstrokes
how do i wallow in yesterdays tomorrows
secrets that plagued me even my brother touched me
and i thought that it wasn't happening make it go away
nightmares capture reactions of untrained actors
and after that the babysitters grandson had his way with me
how powerfully i was made unsuitable and melancholy
by that time i was nine years old and already was a whore
had to adore being forced to sell myself short
there is pain in this art form of being a martyr
years later it seemed a routine but this time i would sc
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Shock Therapy
really do want to identify with anyone on some level
seems rhetorical that we are original copies of turmoil
tortured souls that walk the path of darkness
ever heartless and forbidden is it to show emotions
always being two steps ahead so no one would notice
forced is the substance the reality seems agonizing
like retred ties and long kisses goodbye
souls frozen in the brutality sourly i frown
as i come down from my high and hit the concrete
skin busts open puss oozes out the fresh wounds
blood consumes the aftermath life is distorted
seems i never have belonged anywhere
no matter how many times i tried
better contortionists have made quicker strides
so maybe i really am not as alone as i feel
insight with warm oozing confections whisper
i take every opportunity that coincides
finding myself twisted perplexed
lost in a vortex having a moment
wishing sometimes that i had the opportunity
althought it wouldn't happen in retrospect
i reflect left listless sifting through the madness
the in
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I never feel good unless you put me down
so i do it to myself before you have the chance
being comical seems passive aggressive
a broken adjective you call it lack of creativity
seems i deserve every word uttered
not the first time I've been called a whore
from teenaged lips vengeance seems forbidden
but trust it has come to fruition decades ago
while my ass laid up in a box of sort
lucky you got to have a life have friendships
trivial fuckships you don't claim as your own
lost my virginity at sixteen well consensually you see
i was nine in reality and no nine year olds don't sex
at least not intentionally elliptical diligence
seems the sum of the behavior was too high
and who was the one to pay it
walk away because its cool too
the cats and the cradle ready and able
i never did nothing that wasn't done to me first
truth hurts and was made to destroy
so enjoy the solitude that youth glamorizes
boy i am one that should talk about using condoms
at 18 i was a hot ass and he only lasted a
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bunches are alone no one there to hold
where bravadoes are plastered
like roses on black thorns
accolades emulate themselves
with fruitless attempts the fragrance
escapes through the window
celestial undertones crave
themselves lost although fragile
there tainted and forced
moisture builds upon itself
germinating in an allusive turmoil
almost esoteric kinetic
as if there really is nothing left
as dolor takes over
shivery is frozen
ever present
the memories are polluted afterglow
unworthy cascading hurried burred
laying in a deep repose
crystal chars from truth exposed
thinking out loud
through the undertow
perils our bodies elated
fragmentations of seduction
are traded for scars of souvenirs
sojourning through the atmosphere
worthy of halos from emblems
as tear ducts become hallowed
with solvently forgetting casually
the treatments things cheated
foreseen while everything is cold
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write me a narrative speak me your soul
painted black in the midst of an afterglow
i interact with accounts things
that don't amount and i doubt i can openly admit
that i see you in your darkest hour almost lifeless
pining in the shadows
so i am not responsible for being gleefully with love
or lust or lack of trust
where it matters and emotionally combusts
under the pressure of a thrust
would it really prove anything
if i noticed gave you attention spread myself thin
delve into your affection the same one that i crave bodies in short supply
unable to behave see the clearer picture then trade
i don't collect broken hearts trinkets full of scar's
as i get lost in your reasons that run deeper
than gun-smoked seasons while i connect foolish pride
never replicating the denial which i seem frightened of
even if i was pressed obsessed infested with dreamscapes
of a deeper fate don't hold me responsible for your self hate
attempts to self deprecate in your own loathing state
should i migrate t
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Every Time
thoughts go idle when i can't think speculation a pregnant pause
forced entry into places that i just want to escape
you call it emotional it seems almost too late
fate shuffles its hand from what i can lose
when were thing a choice so much i can confuse
i take the enemy within forgranted her elusive darkness haunted
taunted by yesterday even if there was hope left i cant face
placed last in this game when did it become written in pain
where did it seem all in vain cumstains of lovers past
always hidden out of focus still some can last
casting it all into the sea laying down those iniquities
those differences that make us separate somethings propose
in the mirror i can hate skating so close to the edge
falling off the forbidden ledge vengeance and bitterness in this existence
only do i see crimson prisms visions of frictions between us
never would you get close let me know you
the conviction expresses itself homing into distance
everytime you get close we play this game
how fast do you
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Masquerade 2
too many formalities we get caught up in
paradoxes lost obsessions
dreams we chased down the rabbit hole
just want to catch my breath so close 2 death
I can feel the reaper closing nearer
take this heart before its too late
ashes of ember glow from heavens gates
tainted with ingression moot provisions
for have you read the clause attached
there are no elusive excursions where panties drag
no symbolism where love could tread
roots of a tree are disenchanted from the ground there fed
Seems almost lackadaisical provocative even sad
bloodletting it pours from scores of wars
and from common threads
and i can quietly lie to myself
approval from prior collections
when the emptiness ruptures
causing shops closed protection
cover me in your warmth blanket me tightly
please don't spit in my face i never meant to flirt
when the words sting like razor blades
stomach flips in disarray frailty embodies
water whispers off your aching soul
deliberately lust taunts its banter gleefully
and i am paralyz
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This M0m3nt
resilience begets the agony
besides reality has a remote cunning
completely attached to it
There is nothing worse then the failure to communicate
and we seem to be on a spiral staircase
Caught up in a toxicity that would always forsake me
I seem to leave myself angry
When you fail to live up to what I am hoping for
love barely crawls upon the floor barely breathing
Suicide salutes us on a pivotal basis
facing the insignificant perimeter that leads us onward
Down the road forgotten are the majestic fairytales
that nobody ever is able to live up to or with
I am not good at being objective
seeing the clearer picture
i put my heart out there to be stamped on
As the blood roses wither
and bleed out the poison
and the pain that slithers in a subtle whisper
We quiver in the moment
still caught up in a paradox
that time had stopped long ago
While we are lost in translation
and I can make you the villain
or the victor from glimmers
Sawdust that gathers upon the floor
mixed with crimson glitter
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Random Favourites

Blue Seduction
Blue seduction of our intellect,
created the automatic burning of blue fellowship,
and how you try more than lie,
You fly high and me; snort the ground's affection,
for the downhill race of desire,
loaded stadiums inside my mind,
you pinpoint animals to ensue
Blue seduction of our intellect,
I'm in a tragic movie with the numbers choking me,
old nests come with a smile, entering and resulting in,
the movie's blueness to occur at midnight
I see you again,
too long for wasted breaths, cadaverous regrets,
let's plan a murder, join a painting of anarchy,
the petite females run our track of sexual plays,
gibberish, they speak, we talk in remarkable blueness,
we're driving to our own funeral,
I'll crash the vehicle of oil, ending our evolution early
breathing is for the creeds,
all we need is the end,
all we care for; blue seduction of our intellect
:iconhardcoresublime:HardcoreSublime 3 1
The Sirens' Song by SilentBeforeTheStorm The Sirens' Song :iconsilentbeforethestorm:SilentBeforeTheStorm 129 17 Printemps by Saaruu Printemps :iconsaaruu:Saaruu 4 2 .Victim of a dream. by Nonnetta .Victim of a dream. :iconnonnetta:Nonnetta 3,390 382 Sammii by KatherineDavis Sammii :iconkatherinedavis:KatherineDavis 85 62 Ash 2 by KatherineDavis Ash 2 :iconkatherinedavis:KatherineDavis 163 68
Maybe I’m just an atheistic sugar pill that only has so many prayers until I dissolve. Our hands wrap together – fingers like fallen soldiers in a war we’re losing. But you’ll always say that everything is fine.
I saw you first in the reflection of the school tiles and thought for just a second that you were Jesus. Now, I know that you’re not but the similarities can’t be ignored. He died for what you’re dying for: the unreachable lures known as peace and perfection.
“I won’t be your Mary Magdalene!” I yelled at you one day. “I won’t watch you waste away!”
You chewed on my words and swallowed them like five-too-many sleeping pills. “Maybe I need more than you,” you had said. And as much as it hurt, I knew it was true.
Sometimes, when we hold hands, you cling to mine tighter. As if you’re scared God is finally calling you back.
:iconesoteric-ponderings:esoteric-ponderings 0 1
complexities in
your persona
you sexually
i found you just too
marvelous for words
however in the middle
i failed you
these pieces of me
pieces of you
i’d leave you
breathing space
words on fingertips
yet left me stained
in childish shoes
so help me drown
no semblance of normalcy
this proclivity
i reverted
back to
you abandoned me
an emotional tampon
four to five days
here or there
:iconlnin9:LNIN9 1 16
declaration of constitution
we, the quivering trusses of mystery,
stretch over roiling mists
and are held in place
by the sound of unseen waters.
we, the scampering vehicles of sight,
are scattered and unified
in darkness,
like stars in night skies.
we, the thin skeletons of beauty,
wear the same invisible badge of truth
on bodies that consent to exist.
we, the lovers of men and women,
levitate in winds
and dance on wooden beams
with the moon.
we, the uncankered souls of ourselves,
hide small hoops of light
behind our eyes,
astral tints in touching fingertips.
we, the vox populi,
people the oxygenated ribbon
of earth,
compounding the circular mystery
of existence.
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 1 0
Save me
The silence of emptiness looms through the air
Darkness reigns over me, like clouds on a rainy day
The tears fall to the ground, heavy like the rain
The breaking of hearts, cracking of whips
Shows I am a slave
A slave with an empty mind, body and even soul
Waiting for someone to save me from this
Nightmare I am living in
Waiting for you to rescue me
Your voice makes the silence disappear
Your face lightens up the darkness in the sky
Your touch makes the tears fade
I am now a slave to love, not an empty mind
To your love
You saved me from this hell I was living in
This hell, my so called life
Never make me return
Break the chains and set me free
Be mine so I can live with out fear
Fear of the darkness, the emptiness
Cast it all away
:iconlockmonster00:Lockmonster00 2 0
Amalgamation by SilentBeforeTheStorm Amalgamation :iconsilentbeforethestorm:SilentBeforeTheStorm 140 21
Los poemas del Zodíaco
En tiempo en el que los dioses con los humanos vivían
llamado por los poetas fue glorioso el tiempo de oro.
El trono del sacro Olimpo lo ocupaba el viejo Crono
y en la tierra imperaba noblemente la justicia.
Ella era doncella leve con alas de tierna ave
y volaba entre los hombres con la ligereza de Ate.
Bajo su tierna mirada no existían combates,
no existía la vejez ni era alimento la carne.
Inventos aparecían por doquier, mas no las puertas
que en secreto los guardaban. Todo les era común
a los hombres y a los dioses. No existía el robo aún
pues cada uno obtenía, sin dar, frutos de la tierra.
Cometió un error enorme el hijo del alto Cielo
enseñando a los humanos el empleo de la hoz.
Hubo cosechas y muerte. Hubo trigo y dolor.
Justicia, despavorida, huyo levantando vuelo.
Subió y devino estrellas ocupando sacro trono
entre la Gloria de Heracles y su sagrado elemento.
Dos razas, dioses
:iconnekiwa:Nekiwa 2 0
A Fuck
Your body's a deadly poison that I can't resist,
Your touch is a bittersweet agony and I insist,
That you give me more than I could ever handle,
With the lights turned off by the glow of a candle.
Your muscles are clenched, your heart is wild,
I can't see much, but I can sense your smile,
It swiftly transforms into a look of pleasure,
A heightening of senses that cannot be measured.
Your asking for more is turning me on fire,
And I'm more than ready fulfill your desire,
A kiss from your lips forces my eyes to close,
And makes me jerk from my back down to my toes.
Your hands run down to the bottom of my spine,
While mine drag around you with a feeling divine,
Our bodies are covered in mutual sweat,
And I'm about to come but you eyes say not yet.
You're lifted to heaven and I follow moments after,
Your screaming and moans subside thereafter,
We put on our clothes and go our separate ways,
But I'm not worried, we'll fuck again in a few days.
Apr. 18, 2009
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Loneliness is the worst feeling of any out there. When most people my age have been married 2-3 times I can't even get a friend. I had to fire one friend today because he was delusional. I think friends are so valuable and usually I won't let them cross the line. Well this one is typically an asshole and I have watched him struggle with dumb ass females and I thought I will not be another one of them. Fuck that! So I told him never to call me again and stop texting me. Earlier in the week Some foregn guy came up to me asking to be my friend and I turned him away because he didn't look like he was into women and I won't let anyone live a lie. I turn so many people away if I feel untrusting I make them bounce. I even fired another male friend because he didn't want to sleep with me but he wanted to jerk off to my voice everytime we were on the phone and he would do it quietly so I didn't know. He told me after a while what he was doing. I do have walls up no kidding but when you try to penetrate your own walls and then someone elses its a trip and a half...



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